Friday, February 26, 2010

Mike Dillard, of What's Working Now, asks...

Would you like Your picture and name right next to mine?

The promotional details of Mike's new product What's Working Now  are beginning to leak out. Next month, new customers will have access to a monthly subscription of training materials from top notch internet marketers but the news today is that affiliate marketer will have the opportunity to join a partnership with an elite group of affiliates in partnership with the Magnetic Sponsoring suite of products. Imagine having your picture on page two of each of the current and all future electronic download products that come out of  Magnetic Sponsoring

We're talking Black Belt Recruiting, Traffic Formula 2.0, Building on a Budget, The Copy Writers Guild, PPC Domination, The Alpha Networker and the new offering, What's Working Now?  Not only your picture and name but your entire bio is included when you join this elite partnership. Now... that's only one side of the story; the affiliate side.  Tomorrow I should have some more information for you about what the new product offering is and how you might benefit.

Coach Leon Moniot
Skills Training Coach
Alpha Team Leaders
(303) 319 - 8378

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