Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Working Now Closes Enrollments at Noon

Mike Dillard Says, "You Must Act Quickly"

Yesterday in the mail, I received my What's Working Now 512 MB USB Memory Stick in a Chrystal Box. But it was the surprise extra content that blew me away.  Mike Dillard always over delivers.

I don't want to spoil the surprise for you but who knew that $9.95 could bring so much value.

Join me on twitter (thisOldFart) and I'll tell you a little more about this or on facebook where, later today, I will spill the beans.

Don't be left out in the dark. I've seen it and the extra training alone is worth hundreds of dollars. Click here to order What's Working Now.  Hope you're not too late.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mike Dillard's What's Working Now Deadline

This Goes Away in Less Than 48 hours

First of all the "iron clad" server bays that supported this release failed on launch day as I predicted. The demand for this solution to information overload and the need to regularly get the best advice from the industry leaders each month delivered to your in box chock full of videos, blueprints, online seminars, etc. was too much for even the most advanced technology to bear.

But the enrollment into "The What's Working Now Shortcut System" will be officially closed on Saturday. When that word gets out, I predict another server crash so...

Act now to grab your copy of the most important training opportunity I've seen in my 7 years online. Click here to secure your place remembering the entry fee is still only $9.95.

The only true "no brainer" I've ever run into. You don't want to miss this.

Coach Leon Moniot
Making the Best Even Better

Skype: NowItsPossible

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's Working Now? Dillard's Entry Price of $9.95??

Mike Dillard Really Wants You To Have This!

His price of entry into this membership is only $9.95! But what you get for that price is worth thousands... even if you don't spend another dime. You can cancel at any time.

Were the hell was this sort of thing when I was starting out?

I wasted years of my life experiencing failure and frustration trying to earn income from home. Whey you grab this product, you're going to learn within a week every strategy that is currently working for gurus and newbies alike. You may elect to pay only the first month fee of $9.95 (shipping included) and you will:
  • see what text color increases conversions by over 30% (only one of 5 split test results 1st month.
  • get a 2 hour video showing you how the pros keep Google happy and pay less for their clicks
  • be invited to a live webinar to have the PPC expert answer your questions about the lesson.
  • receive an invitation to have your website reviewed by the pros...
    ...and so much more
For more details lets let Mike Dillard lay it all out for you. Click here for immediate access!

I've got my copy and I highly recommend you get yours too.

Coach Leon
Making the Best Better
Skype ID: NowItsPossible

Dillard's What's Working Now: Released Today

Information Overload Can Kill Your Business 

If you're suffering from Information Overload, now you can get the training and results you want, faster and cheaper with the "What's Working Now Short-Cut System!" This is Mike Dillard's new product now available to address the problem of how to take in the massive changes in our industry that seem to occur on a weekly if not daily basis.

After reviewing the material, all I can say is the price is deceptively low and the value is massive!

Think of it this way -- how would you like to have a mastermind group of your own that met once a month to help one another keep up with the current trends and best practices?  What about if they also were the most successful in the business and took the time to actually show you how and why the new strategy worked for them and how you could adapt it to your business?  Would that be of some value to your?

If you’re looking to get focused, and get results quickly, you'll want to take a closer look at this system. So to find out more detail and to order "Whats Working Now" simply click here.

Coach Leon
P.S. The demand for this product is huge so you'll want to purchase it before the Magnetic Sponsoring servers have a melt-down.